When you mention the word “Reggae”, there are certain names that immediately spring to mind like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Third World to name a few, but another artist that is firmly on the tip of people’s tongues is Luciano. Born on the paradise island of Jamaica, as a youth he was heavily influenced and drawn to Bob Marley’s positive “One Love Movement”. As he got older and embarked on his own professional singing career, Luciano himself began to influence the lives of others around the world with his own spiritual interpretation of the movement. Since then, he has reigned as the “King Of Conscious Reggae Music” and is now one of the most iconic figures representing roots reggae today.


Luciano entered the reggae industry in the early 90’s and eventually teamed up with Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell, one of the few producers around at the time that supported conscious roots music. The quality material produced by this partnership, coupled with the fact that by now Luciano’s style and vibe was so heavily influenced by Bob Marley, caught the attention of Chris Blackwell of Island Records. Chris eventually signed Luciano and the collaboration produced a string of #1 hits including an album that was voted amongst the top 30 reggae albums of all time by Mojo magazine.



Other than Bob Marley, early influences were artist like Stevie Wonder and country & western singer Hank Williams, which accounts for the extraordinary versatility of his vocal ability. He was dubbed “Luciano” in comparison to the all-powerful vocals of opera legend Luciano Pavarotti due to the fact that his voice resonates with impeccable inflection, tone, range and pitch. His vocals can sits comfortably between roots & culture, R&B/Disco, Blues and even Country and Western. He also, later found out the the word Luciano means ‘light’ which is what he hopes he can share with his many fans.


As he continues to spread the message of love, lift spirits and energize his many fans across the globe, Luciano engages with his audiences like non other – earning him the unmistakable title of “The Messenjah”. His live show performances are breathtaking and he never fails to give his all. In addition, Luciano genuinely believes that the talent given to singers and players of instruments is a spiritual gift, that should be used to remind the listeners of the true values of life and not just to be used for achieving fame and financial gain.